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I've had several MRI scan on my head and back i look at it as a huge ring doungnut that your going through the middle. You will has a thing over your head and will have earphones on they will speak to you through them a erasure you, I gave them my phone so they could play my playlist I was given a panic button so if I felt panicky I could press it and they would stop and get me out xx.."
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  • Autism

    Hi .
    So I got diagnosed with higher functioning autism formerly asperges, on Wednesday. I have a limited understanding of autism and only know from my perspective what it is like. I wonder if anyone on here has a similar diagnosis?

    I have applied to go onto a post diagnosis hour session.
    Hope you have a nice day.

  • #2
    Hey hey! I have aspergers (ASD)

    Keep strong and remember who you are!


    • #3
      hey Louisa thats cool to know someone else. sorry i am finding it difficult to deal with the feelings side of being diagnosed.
      hope all is ok with you


      • #4
        I was diagnosed with high functioning autism last month, I get how you feel about it. I've been able to deal with it by thinking that I've always been like this, it's who I am, I'm different and that's ok.
        Alice xx


        • #5
          Hi Alice,
          Thanks for your reply and for understanding. I really liked your point of view and its something i will try to live by.


          • #6
            I was waiting for a diagnosis of autism, but I decided, 'hey, well it doesn't matter what label I have, I'm just the same, with the same problems and differences and traits, and that's amazing!'
            And I'm no longer having it seen too, and that's okay.

            So basically, I may or may not be autistic, or this and that or the other, but what I always am and always will be, is me. 'Me' is the only label I'll live with.
            SUCCESS is not final, FAILURE is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts


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              Hi aidan thanks for your reply yeah i got the diagnosis to help me be understood by others. But i like your idea of not having a label


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