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UPDATE: As far as we can tell, all posts made by The Mix account in the last 12 months (roughly) have been lost. We're working to retrieve them, but for now you might see some gaps or seemingly unanswered questions lying around the forums. It also means the Live Chat Announcements and We Need You sub-forums are looking pretty bare. Bear with us, we're working on it.
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"Hey lost sense,
I've had several MRI scan on my head and back i look at it as a huge ring doungnut that your going through the middle. You will has a thing over your head and will have earphones on they will speak to you through them a erasure you, I gave them my phone so they could play my playlist I was given a panic button so if I felt panicky I could press it and they would stop and get me out xx.."
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I hate who I am

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  • I hate who I am

    To tell the truth, I am a compulsive liar and I am wrong. But I feel like I cant help it and live two different lives. the truth and a lie

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    Welcome to the community, Abbey.

    Those are some strong feelings to be dealing with, particularly the way you describe 'living two different lives'. Like a genuine-self and a disingenuous-self? Sounds like quite the internal battle.

    If you're happy to share, it might help for us to know a bit more about how you feel. In what way do you think you're a compulsive liar and 'wrong'?

    Well done for reaching out - we're here to listen.
    "You're familiar with the phrase "man's reach exceeds his grasp"? It's a lie: man's grasp exceeds his nerve."


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      thank you for replying.

      ​I lie about how I feel and about my life to my friends. I over exaggerate how happy I am to cover up how I feel. I lie about little things that no one cares about and doesn't even matter so don't know why I do. then I lie about big things and the opposite. like I would lie to services about hearing things for them to help me and feel like I have to over exaggerate for them to take me seriously and to get help. so I can be truthful to my friends how happy I am. and lying feels like second nature and feels safer then telling the complete truth, some days I don't lie at all and just straight up about everything, even about lying but some days I dont


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        Hey Abbeyy!
        It's really good that you are acknowledging these things about yourself and the fact that you can openly say it too is a very big step to getting better! It's also amazing that some days you're very open about things which just goes to show that you do have the capability! We are always here to talk as Mike said!



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