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Struggling with bad feelings and hurtful thoughts(may trigger)

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  • Struggling with bad feelings and hurtful thoughts(may trigger)

    Hi, this is weird bit I need some advice about how to stop bad thoughts and how to enjoy life in general because I'm fed up of feeling like I do. Thanks

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    I wish i knew.

    But i suppose theres sometimes not a way we can stop them. But could stop them from getting worse. When you're feeling low or think you're going to get hurtful thoughts -. Doing something you enjoy could help. To distract you. Or being around people so you don't act on your hurtful thoughts and think less about it. Or something relaxing and taking timr out from the stresses of life

    And just don't beat yourself up about it for having yhe thoughts. Because it worse enough feeling shit and having the thoights -let alone feel bad for feeling shit.

    You can't enjoy every second of life -unfortunately but just remember there will be bad days for everyone. But just take everyday as it comes. And being kind to yourself
    "Nothing's ever what we expect, but they keep asking where we're going next" Robin Schulz - Sun goes down


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      Hey Butterfly,

      Welcome to the community! You're doing so well to reach out and talk about what you're going through, sometimes things can become too much and it's hard to know how to manage these feelings and enjoy life.

      Shaunie's given some really great tips, such as surrounding yourself with people to distract yourself from these thoughts and to not beat yourself up about these feelings. What can be great is to focus on these small steps you're making, like reaching out to the boards and opening up about how you're feeling. For some people, what can also really help is to take things in small steps and take some time each day to do more of what they enjoy. Is there something you really enjoy doing that you'd love to do more of?

      Keep posting here whenever you like, we're always here for you


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