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  • Not really important.

    I just hate myself
    My life
    How I look
    How I can't cope with anything
    How I'm pretending I'm okay
    How I can't talk to anyone anymore
    How they all think I've gotten through that tough part of life
    How life always seems to shit on me
    How my job is making me so anxious and panicky I can't function

    I just hate everything and I want to be done so bad.
    I am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.

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    You are important
    You are enough


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      Hey, sorry to hear how you're feeling just now. I want you to know you're as important as anyone else here and we are here to listen.

      Do you mind me asking how long you have veen feeling like this and is there something that made you feel this way about yourself


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