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Friends funeral

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  • Friends funeral

    As many of you may know I lost my friend to cancer on the 11/4 and it was her funeral today. I'm so heartbroken as she was close to me. Is it normal to feel like this?
    ​Also I went to my brownie group tonight and the game they played was wink murder and I just walked out of the session because I couldn't see them playing this game and the brownie leader had to follow after me as she had never seen me in such a state.
    ​Need some support right now thrugh this difficult time.

    Work is stressing me out as well as on the recent post had a situation which really effected my anxiety, don't really want to go to work tomorrow too be honest.

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    i'm so sorry to hear about your friend, i can imagine you need a shoulder to cry on. it's absolutely normal, every emotion that you feel during grief is normal because we all cope and grieve differently, there's no set emotion you "should" feel. allow yourself to feel it, cry it out and try and rest a little if you can. i can imagine it's been a really difficult and emotionally draining day and we're here for you.

    i'd suggest calling in to work tomorrow if you're not feeling up to it, is that an option? i'd hope your manager would be understanding of your situation and allow you some grieving time.

    sending the love.

    ella xo
    love, me


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      Hi Ella x Thanks for the reply. Thanks and yeh I need a shoulder to cry on right now!!! Yesterday was so hard for me and today I'm still feeling emotional. I'm going to try and work and ill probably speak to a manager just so they are aware of how I'm feeling but I want to try and continue with normal day routines. Thanks


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