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Talking to a doctor

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  • Talking to a doctor

    Im going to a doctor tomorrow because I finally told my parents about everything that I've been going through mentally and I just don't know how to start up a conversation with my doctor about something that I don't even understand. Also she really mean so I'm afraid that's she's just going to dismiss my problems.

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    Hopefully you have a good doctor (albeit mean) so she won't dismiss your problems - that would be bad conduct on their part.

    When you start the conversation, if they are already aware you're talking to them about depression (i read the other thread) then she may start the conversation herself, otherwise you can simply start by saying "I think i have depression". If it's a GP at that point you would have a short discussion, and will likely refer you to someone who can have a more extensive conversation about it to actually organise some help for you.

    Eitherway i'd consider, before you go, to write down everything you feel that could be part of depression. Idk about others but on my first meet up to organise some help when they asked "so what kind of troubles do you have" i was like "Ummmmmmm" - not that i don't suffer on a daily basis, but it can be hard to convey it & convey the full extent of your issues when you're put on the spot, so writing down all the troublesome feelings, thoughts, moods you have beforehand will be useful so you can hand it over and then dicuss everything you wrote. (even a list will do eg. -low mood every say -no motivation etc)
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      Thank you so much! I'll definitely try that


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        Hay I just thought I'd mention that you can always choose to see another doctor if you wanted to especially if it makes you more comfortable.

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          Hey Amy,

          Firstly I just wanted to say how proud of yourself you should be, taking this first step opening up to our parents is often the hardest and going to see a doctor can seem scary too. AzathKelara has mentioned some great insight into what it's like seeing a doctor and some advice such as writing everything down about how you feel.

          I'm not sure if you've seen this article on The Mix website about going to see your GP about a mental health problem here - you might have already been to you're appointment but there's some helpful advice in this article which might be useful for future appointments and what to ask your GP such as:

          Your diagnosis – If they’ve told you that you have a specific condition, ask what this means and how it affects you.
          Your treatment – Ask about all the different treatment options and talk through the pros and cons of each. Make sure you’re clear on how long the treatment will last as well.
          What’s next – Ask them what the plan is. Are you being referred to a specialist or mental health services? How long will this take? Should you book another appointment with your GP at a later date? And how should you take care of your mental health in the meantime?

          Hope that helps, do feel free to keep posting here whenever you need to, we are all here for you

          - Aife


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            Hey Amy,

            Just wanted to check in and see how your appointment went (only if you'd like to share-- no pressure if you'd rather not)? I hope it went well!

            - Mica


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