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I feel like giving up

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  • I feel like giving up

    i am so physically and mentally drained.. its exhausting and i'm struggling so much with everything. still waiting for the mental health team at uni to contact me and i don't know how much longer i can hold on for.
    i can't focus on anything that i need to do, my thoughts are going a million miles an hour and i have this desperate urge to harm myself all day..
    i just want my ground to swallow me up so i no longer exist.
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    I know the way you're feeling is horrible right now, whilst you're waiting for the uni mental health team to contact you, why don't you try the 1 2 1 chats on here?


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      Pink+fluffy because i wanted to try get support off the boards.
      I'm not gonig into a 1 to 1 environment with someone i don't know...relationships need to be built first


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        Oh ok, sorry, I didn't know xx ☺️


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          I'm not to good with support but could start of by telling us more so i can listen at least☺
          And probably heard it all before, but trying to distract yourself to keep safe.
          I always feels like this and is horrible. So you're not alone in feeling like that.
          Do you have support from friends and family?
          "Nothing's ever what we expect, but they keep asking where we're going next" Robin Schulz - Sun goes down


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