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We recently updated our chat guideline around discussing eating issues. Take a look here for more info.
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"Hey notagain

Just wanted to drop by and say I hope you are okay. Remember a relapse doesn't mean the end of recovery. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep fighting lovely girl <3"
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I feel like giving up

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  • I feel like giving up

    i am so physically and mentally drained.. its exhausting and i'm struggling so much with everything. still waiting for the mental health team at uni to contact me and i don't know how much longer i can hold on for.
    i can't focus on anything that i need to do, my thoughts are going a million miles an hour and i have this desperate urge to harm myself all day..
    i just want my ground to swallow me up so i no longer exist.
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    I know the way you're feeling is horrible right now, whilst you're waiting for the uni mental health team to contact you, why don't you try the 1 2 1 chats on here?


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      Pink+fluffy because i wanted to try get support off the boards.
      I'm not gonig into a 1 to 1 environment with someone i don't know...relationships need to be built first


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        Oh ok, sorry, I didn't know xx ☺️


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          I'm not to good with support but could start of by telling us more so i can listen at least☺
          And probably heard it all before, but trying to distract yourself to keep safe.
          I always feels like this and is horrible. So you're not alone in feeling like that.
          Do you have support from friends and family?
          "Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" -Albert Einstein


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