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Need advice **may be triggering**

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  • Need advice **may be triggering**

    I found out today that my twin sister is self-harming. I share a bedroom with her and saw cuts on her leg and i honestly dont know what to do.

    As someone who has self harmed before i understand. I saw the cuts on her leg and then ran downstairs and almost had a panic attack in the downstairs toilet while shaking and almost crying.

    Someone please help!

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    If i was you i would speak to her and open up about how you feel and that you understand as well. And that could let here be more open. And just showing you care can help a lot. Like when its just you and her.
    I have a twin sister. We dont speak about my mental health even though she knows. But when my older sisters speaks about it. As much as I find it embarrassing it helps.
    And would encourage her to seek help before it gets worse. And tell her it's nothing to be ashamed of because if she has an mental illness. It's an illness.
    When my twin found out I was really ill. I was made to feel so guilty like it was my fault. And that really impacted me. So saying things like you're there really helps.
    "Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you must keep moving" -Albert Einstein


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      Hey Jess,
      It can be a shock of course to see these things especially when family members are involved! What Shaunie said is all really good advice! It may be good for her to know that you're there for her and maybe let her open up to you as much as she's comfortable with and then work your way up. It may be a little overwhelming if it's all spoken about in panic etc... With that being said, make sure that you're feeling comfortable to talk about it too because your mental health is just as important!
      Speak soon


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        Hey Jess,

        I'm really sorry to hear what you are going through, this must be a really difficult and scary time for you right now. You've been really brave to open up here and look for advice on what to do. There's a great article on the website here that offers some tips on how to deal with the situation and support the person you care about.

        I've included some bits from the article below:
        Accepting and understanding that someone is in pain doesn't make the pain go away. But it can make it more bearable for them to know that someone understands. Be hopeful about the possibilities of finding other ways of coping rather than self-harm. If they are willing, discuss possibilities for treatment with them, but don’t push them into anything. They will decide when they feel the time is right.

        Be patient. You might find it difficult if the person rejects you at first but they may need time to build trust.
        I think this last point is really important, to be patient - it might take a little bit of time for your sister to open up to you which is okay. How are things at the moment? Do you feel comfortable taking to her about how you are feeling?


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