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Feeling nauseous..

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  • Feeling nauseous..

    Hello everyone, long time no speak
    For the past week I've been feeling really nauseous
    and have struggling to eat and when I do eat I feel
    like I might throw up and I feel a bit in pain. I've tried
    googling what could be wrong and pretty much nothing
    other than pregnancy is an option.. which isn't the case!!

    I was wondering if anyone would have any clue on what
    it is, or if you've experience this before?? Or should I just
    go to the doctors, which I reaaaaally don't want to do


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    I had those symptoms and I had a nasty infection of the stomach lining so I'd head to the GP if you can just to rule it out.
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      Are you feeling anxious at all?

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        I don't think I'm feeling anxious...
        I mean, it could have something to do with stress, but I'd would've thought I was more stressed out for last years exams than I am now.. I don't know!!
        I am actually feeling a bit better today, still a bit 'iffy' but the word 'food' doesn't make me want to throw up anymore so thats good! I will see how I feel by the end of this weekend to see if I should go to the doctor!


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