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My Urine Smells Sour

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  • My Urine Smells Sour

    For two days now I've noticed that my urine gives off a sour smell. It usually the strongest first thing in the morning and becomes weaker smelling throughout the day. I thought it could possibly be my medication for my back pain that was causing the problem so I stopped taking it more than 24 hours ago. But the smell is still coming. Is this something I should be concernced about?

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    Hmmm is it dark in colour as well? Its probably worse in the morning because youve been sleeping and not drinking for about 8 hours, so make sure you drink plenty (cranberry juice is good for this kind of thing) and if it doesnt go away then go see a doc
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      Its probably stronger in the morning as your urine is more concentrated in the morning. I think thats why they suggest doing pregnancy tests first thing in the morning. It might be worth speaking to your doctor.


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        It's a light colour. I keep thinking it's because I am not drinking as much because right now I am on vacation in Arizona and drinking tap water isn't the best tasting around here. Hopefully when I can visit a doctor. Thank you, I will try drinking cranberry juice and see if it helps at all.


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          Hey Citran

          Most of the medical information would suggest that just because your urine smells funny does not necessarily mean there is something wrong. Many foods such as onions, or asparagus can alter the odor of urine. Medications or supplements that you take may also have an affect on the smell or colour too.

          It would best to talk it over with the doctor that prescribed the medication though before assuming that is the route cause.

          Hope that clears things up a bit.


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            Thanks everyone for helping me out. Went to the doctor today and peed in a cup. Making a mess while I was at it I will hopefully get the test results back soon. I hope for the best.


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