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Alcohol-free Mouthwash & Toothpastes

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  • Alcohol-free Mouthwash & Toothpastes

    Anyone have any thoughts, observations and recommendations related to mouth washes and toothpastes?

    I've mainly been using Listerine but wondering if I should switch to an Alcohol free MouthWash

    I've recently tried Corsodyl which tastes really foul but I think it's pretty good.

    I also saw SuperDrug currently have a 2 for 1 offer on their range which includes an alcohol free one for sensitive teeth which tastes much nicer. It also has more then double the fluoride of the Listerine I was using.

    As for toothpaste just trying the night time version of this

    BTW a very interesting find here:

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    Listerine is viscous stuff, dentists I don't know don't like it but for no particularly good reason.

    Any particular reason for switching to alcohol free?


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      Corsodyl stains the teeth so use with care.


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        Originally posted by Teagan View Post
        Corsodyl stains the teeth so use with care.
        I think it will stain more of you drink tea or coffee right away or if used long term for months on end.

        As for the Alcohol I think it's mainly in there to give the mouthwash a longer shelf life, improve taste and cleaning action - but some people can find it dries out their mouths too.


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          dental PH is great! its whats recomended by piercists after oral piercings.


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            Crest makes an alcohol one. Alcohol based mouthwashes hurt burn a bit but that one had a weird texture to it and I wasn't a fan so I'll just stick with the Act.
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              I saw I first posted about 8 months ago thought a follow up would be handy ..

              Just tried Corsodyl Daily Defence - a mint version with about a quarter of the active ingredient of the regular version - also tastes foul!!!

              Weird thing is boots have their own brand version which is even more expensive!!

              Anyway I have to say even though regular Corsodyl tastes horrid and stains your teeth brown if you've not brushed really well beforehand - it really works wonders for dry mouth problems

              Shame there's no one decent mouthwash product does does everything without the drawbacks.


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                Dentyl is alcohol-free and tastes good, especially the Clove one! Listerine just burns, don't touch it
                piss the taking is someone realise u point this at is it


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                  Originally posted by Luce View Post
                  Dentyl is alcohol-free and tastes good, especially the Clove one! Listerine just burns, don't touch it

                  Was gonna post an almost identical reply to this one, you beat me to it!


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                    That product was recalled in April .. so best to check if yours is affected.



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