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  • tired and lifeless

    recently(last week or so) i have noticed i am getting extremely tired easily, i could wake up in the morning and not felt like i have slept at all and have to forcus myself to stay up during the daytime, i just feel really weak and sleepy. its just like i have to make so much of a effort to get out of bed in the morning. Today i woke up at like 10am dragged myself out of bed and downstairs to get breakfast to find myself falling asleep on the sofa til like 2pm waking up to feel the same as i did when i woke originally tired and completely no energy. has anyone ever been through/felt like this, and what would you suggest?

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    Whats your diet like? Do you keep to a routene with sleeping paterns? Get much exercise?


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      i try to eat a good diet eg breakfast lunch dinner but often miss at least one meal listed i've done this for awhile and never felt like this in the past, as i work in a nursery i am constantly on my feet running around etc, i walk to most places so i think my exercise is ok. Since i been feeling like this my sleep has changed because i am sleeping for longer (the days i am not working)


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