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  • Information request.


    I have been asked a question by someone but I dont know the drug. LadyJade; I dont suppose you can pull one of your wierd wonderful links from somewhere.

    Its about someone using 200mg of anmafranil (clomipramine) a day wanting to take MDMA.

    I'm assuming that the drug is part of his mental health treatment, so its probably not a good idea, but well I havent got anything solid.

    Any ideas?

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    Dont worry, I've learnt not to be lazy, I've looked it up on the RXlist.


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      I did find a report here that seems to suggest taking Clomipramine and MDMA can increase the risk of Seratonin Syndrome, but the report is a bit brief and technical...
      Did you see the report on erowid about Tricyclic Antidepressants, there is loads of background info there. It seems as though it is often used in combination with another drug - but either way, you are right, not a good idea to mix the two.


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        Cheers for that, I knew you'd find some obscure document.


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          Originally posted by bongbudda
          Cheers for that, I knew you'd find some obscure document.


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