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Gas Chambers (Inhaling Sambuca Fumes)

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  • Gas Chambers (Inhaling Sambuca Fumes)

    I just thought i would start a post about the practice of doing 'Gas Chambers'; inhaling the fumes given off by lighting Sambuca.

    The process is thus: take a tumbler (Whiskey glass) and place a shot of Sambuca in it

    Light it and hold a wine glass over the top of the burning spirit so that you trap the vapours.

    Then place a straw up inside the wine glass and inhale.

    i was just wondering, does anyone know any of the health implications of this?

    I served 3 lads this on Saturday night, but stopped them after about 4-5 inhalations each. (All off one shot 25ml mind). I felt i had to limit this because i was not totally aware of what Gas Chmabers can do to people (well obviously it gets you pissed, but these guys had never done one before)

    Any info on this, would be nice to know what i am doing to my customers:D
    RIP John Peel 1939-2004
    "People die in car crashes all the time doesn't mean people should stop driving - just that they should take more care when doing so." - Skive

  • #2
    Haven't got a clue about the health implications sorry but I've got a related funny-ish story.

    My mate tried to do one of these gas chamber things with a shot of sambuca last summer in the busy pub garden by lighting his sambuca and putting his hand over the glass to seal it and put the flame out before inhaling all the fumes.

    All he achieved was burning his hand, launching his glass up into the air and shattering it on a light above, covering himself in bits of sambuca and shards of glass. He looked up at me and said in a really tiny whisper: "Is anyone looking at me?"

    I was trying to fight back the laughter as every single person in the beer garden was sat, fully staring at him. Made it even more funny that he had a big fuck off blister on his hand that didn't go for weeks.

    How people took the piss! Bring s atear to my eye even today..


    • #3
      Isnt this one of those drinking games that is actually pointless when you look at the science of it.

      Alcohol is the only active ingredient in Sambuca right?

      So, when you set fire to it, you are buring the alcohol, alcohol is a clean fuel so there shouldnt be any fumes you could get high on.

      I guess the burning could vapourise some of the alcohol and then you inhale that into your lungs and it is absorbed there, but I think that unlikely.

      It could be that the burning produces something like carbon dioxide and that the effects you get are minor suffocation, just a thought.

      It doesnt sound wise though, mainly because Sambuca is the foulest tasting drink known to man, no, second worst there is Ozo.


      • #4
        not a Pernod man then

        It definately does have an intoxicating effect, i would suggest that some amount of alcohol has been absorbed, due to the duration of the intoxicant effect.
        RIP John Peel 1939-2004
        "People die in car crashes all the time doesn't mean people should stop driving - just that they should take more care when doing so." - Skive


        • #5
          Well if you are absorbing the alcohol through your lungs why not just warm the glass in your hands and inhale the vapour which comes off. Most of it will be burnt if you set fire to it.

          Or, maybe, I know this sounds odd, you could sit there and just drink the alcohol, just a thought, it might never take off.


          • #6
            Professor Oliver James, head of clinical medical sciences at Newcastle University, said: “By snorting the alcohol it can go directly into the brain without being filtered by the liver.

            “What is getting into your brain could be the equivalent of many times more than by drinking it.

            “This will not only make you very drunk very quickly but is also likely to increase the risk of direct alcohol damage to the brain. This could do irreversible damage to nerves, lead to swelling and possibly lead to dementia in the long term.”

            So there you go. From the BBC website.


            • #7
              He's not suggesting snorting it, he's suggesting burning it, collecting the vapours and then inhaling them, snorting it would just be clearly stupid and dangerous.


              • #8
                Did you actually read the link?

                Edited to say - mea culpa, I pulled the quote from a different article that mis-quoted the good professor It shouldn't say snort at all. He was talking about inhaling.
                Last edited by Jaded; 01-06-2004, 04:25 PM.


                • #9
                  No, I didnt read the link, I guess I should have done really, although you misqouted him, so we're both in the wrong. But you more so.


                  • #10
                    Enjoy catching me out while you can. I normally delete and edit so no-one ever knows......


                    • #11
                      Ahhh, your not quick enough for me, I'm always here, pointing the finger at your mistakes.


                      • #12
                        You keep me on my toes Bong, that's for sure!


                        • #13
                          Good good, its always a wise idea to keep the adrenaline gland nice and fit, you never know when it could come in handy.


                          • #14
                            although I'm not sure that posting in a constant state of anxiety is good for the rest of your body.....


                            • #15
                              No, its good, get your nerves nice and raw, its the only way to really experience the world.


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