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Drinking out of control

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  • Drinking out of control

    Hello, so i have been drink binging to deal with my emotions and domestic abuse. Tomorrow i see my alcohol worker, im scared but wont let anyone belittle my issues, im at the point where im afraid i will just speak my mind.. to my alcohol worker, to anyone.. im sick of judgements. Ive drunk everyday for the past 2 years except hospital admissions.. ive drunk 2 bottles of 10.5% of wine tonight and im just tipsy.. im afraid my alcohol issues will get worse.

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    Hello Kayden,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are still struggling with alcohol; you sound very stressed about your health and you are worried that your drinking problem will only get worse and that you are scared about getting judged in regards to the issue, is that right? - the underlying problem of domestic abuse seems to be causing you a lot of distress and it seems like you have turned to alcohol which acts like a coping mechanism.

    I would advise you to speak openly and honestly to your alcohol worker because at the end of the day, that person is there to help you. Have you spoken to anyone about how much the domestic abuse is effecting you?, tried anything in the past which helped, even if it's just a little?

    Hope things start looking up soon.
    Jessica People


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      You're not alone with that experience. As a part of my work, i speak with recovered drug addicts, former alcoholics are amongst the group I work with on community projects...and they have seen (and one experienced) similar- what i'm saying is don't worry, your alcohol worker has likely seen your sitatuation before (a LOT of cases of drug abuse are related to domestic abuse in one way or another). They should be trained to deal with a case like this, so don't hold it in- you should be as truthful with them as you can!

      And you're afraid your issues will get worse right? That just shows you don't want to drink as much, and a little willpower goes a long way in recovery!


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        Hi both, thanks for replying.

        I have now given up because i saw my alcohol worker today and her boss was in the meeting with us to tell me that their service will no longer be supporting me because i need more help with housing and mental health mostly.. so there we fucking are! Im left with nobody to turn to now and no suplort. Fucking great!!


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          Hi KaydenK,

          That must be incredibly frustrating to feel like so many people are letting you down. I know it is hard, but I really encourage you to practice self-care in any way you feel like you can manage right now. It sounds like you know your drinking is an issue and in the long run you want it to stop, so maybe you can challenge yourself to refrain from buying more alcohol? In terms of your housing, you mentioned on another thread that you had a meeting with your housing adviser yesterday. How did that go? If you are looking for another option for housing, you might consider contacting Centrepoint ( if you haven't already. Their organisation works with young people in difficult housing situations, and they could be of some help to you.

          Wishing you the best and sending you positive thoughts!


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            You should go on the therapy and work on this. Drinking is caused by your emotions...


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              Hi everyone sorry i havent posted in a while.. my drinking is out of control, i drink 5 cans everynight and its increasing. I tried not to drink but i just cant stop thinking about it. My support workers dont know. I just feel nice and numb when i drink, it takes things away.. but i can see im getting too used to it.


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                Hey KaydenK,

                It's nice to hear from you again! I've read what you wrote on the other thread too and just want you to know that you're incredibly brave, and as Mike said, you're a valued member of this community! It sounds like you're going through a really tough time at the moment which may be why the drinking has increased. Often people use substances such as alcohol as a coping mechanism, and as I'm sure you know it can be dangerous. However, it's always good that you talk about these things because then we can offer you the support! Have you checked out this article?

                Here is a link for some support particularly for the alcohol abuse:

                Hope you have a great day and hope to hear from you soon!


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                  Hi Drea,

                  Thanks for those kind words. Thank you for the links too i will have a look. I just need alcohol to forget and feel numb again. Soo many worries. So many things going on. Not been on my anti psychotic meds. Loaing the plot. Alcohol takes it away.


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                    Heya Kayden, how are you getting on?
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                      Hey Mike, not that great regarding alcohol usage. Im up to 6 cans of cider a night now. Cant seem to stop myself.


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