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1week after molly... Still feel horrible.. Need help

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  • 1week after molly... Still feel horrible.. Need help

    1st time.. Friend Popped 2 pills for fun at a party not understanding the danger. 1 week ago. Today still not self... Body is buzzing, vision is off.. Full of anxiety... And scared that damaged myself forever.. Someone tell me this passes please!

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    Hey ee5808,

    It's really good that you're looking for help with this - how are you feeling at the moment?

    With most illegal substances, unfortunately there is no way of really knowing what it is that you're taking and what effect it might have on you. You might find it useful to have a read of this article.

    Since it has been a week, and you are still feeling unusual symptoms, it's probably worth seeking medical attention and getting checked out as soon as you're able to

    Let us know how you get on.
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