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What are those speakers called?

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  • What are those speakers called?

    I saw on the gadget show ages ago this device which is really small and it's a speaker or servo system but it uses a hard object like a window or table to create one massive speaker.

    Anyone know what is it called or where to buy one?

    And also if the sound is any good?

    Also may need to buy some speakers for friend's NYE party, we plan to hook it up to a Laptop with USB Sound card loaded with thousands of MP3's

    Any recommendations?

    I basically want small satellites speakers that can be hooked on the walls and a good bass unit, I actually find the sound quality from most high end PC speakers beats those massive things they have in most clubs.

    so probably looking for a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker system.
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    I don't think these ones are exactly the same as the ones on the Gadget Show (or the one I saw at least) but they do the same thing.
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      Was it the Nimzy Vibro Blaster ?

      Its more expensive though : 69


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