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    Where can I get no cd cracks/patches for games (in particular Heroes of might and magic II) please post links here or if you have one on your pc please send it to me via e-mail @ Cheers people

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    be very careful

    It would be too easy to send a trojan, named HoM&M2.exe and your FUBAR'ed.

    You're probably one of those evil software pirates with a patch and peg leg Just buy the game, it supports the guys who slave away for years to create great games, and if you're gonna say you own the game, but can't be bothered to insert CD's, thats just being lazzy.

    PS I did a search on with GOOGLE "no cd crack for Heroes of might and magic II" and found hundreds of hits and a few cracks, check it out

    Take care,

    The champ


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      Buy software like everyone else. Firstly, many companies such as codemasters and Westwood have introduced safeguards into their software known as FADE.
      Basically as you play, the game eventually becomes unplayable. Westwood also has a system whereby a file on the CD checks for another file, and also the presence of a marker on the CD itself.

      Secondly, whenever you play one of these copied games online, the company will find out. Many games are coming with identifiers and such that register with a central point. If you're game is copied then someone, somewhere will find out.

      Finally....BUY THE FUCKING GAME. For your money you get a proper box, instructions and support if it goes wrong. You're also playing with the knowledge that your buying the CD has gone into the kitty to enable the software producers to start making a new game. Tight bastard
      Whowhere, neither here nor there.


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        I don't play games really, but I know about this place:

        That I think will raise a few smiles, while you trial the software that is


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