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  • meet the fockers


    • Room - it was on C4 yesterday evening. The acting from the two main characters is good. However, the beginning is missing - it starts seven years after the protagonist was kidnapped. It doesn't show her being kidnapped, the seven years after that - nor does it show any of her life before she was kidnapped.
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      • Logan - It was so emotional! Did not expect that ending at all! I wanted to cry.
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        • i watched room too


          • Originally posted by Jellyelephant View Post
            i watched room too
            Can you understand why there's no beginning to the film? It felt like the first 20 minutes+ was missing from it. Why start the film 7 y after the protagonist was abducted? There weren't even any flashbacks or explanation. We saw very little of 'Old Nick' - and we don't know what happened to him. The acting is very good, but it's a very incomplete film.

            I Know My First Name is Steven has a similar theme, but is better because it shows the whole story.
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            • I watched Trainwreck recently. The early part of the film is very funny. However, the protagonist - a one-night-stand-loving, drunk party girl - has a relationship with a quiet, dull man with whom she has no chemistry. Even if we could believe that she could turn monogamous, there's no way that she would be attracted to him or vice versa - they're not suited to each other at all. She hates serious people and he hates sluts - so why would they want each other? There's also an unnecessary subplot about her father being chronically ill and dying - which is totally out of place in what starts off as a light-hearted sex comedy. His death doesn't serve as any turning point in her life, so it just brings the mood down.

              I've watched many comedy films which start off with loads of humour, then drastically change tone and turn serious. Why do they do that? You wouldn't have an action film which is slow and quiet during the second half - or a horror film with a nice peaceful second half.
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              • I'm watching Commando on Film 4 now. It's one of the best action films and has a lot of humour in it.


                • I'm watching Die Hard on Film 4 now. It's very good and is often regarded as the best action film.


                  • my sisters keeper on Film4 now
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                    • fifty shades darker ( it was shit)


                      • Moana!


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