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Gender & Sexuality forum: now open!

Hey everyone,

You spoke and it was thus: due to popular demand and to celebrate Pride month, we're delighted to launch our new Gender & Sexuality forum!

Why not head over now and take a look around. Make sure you look through the guidelines (and add your own suggestions) and read all about the history of Pride

This is your space - feel free to make it yours and post away!

James, Aife, Mike & Kathleen
(The Mix team)
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Post of The Month (April)

Maisy is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community:

"You're not bitchy at all. What this guy did to you, and how he invalidates it afterwards is horrific and you deserve justice. Rape can happen to anyone..."

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The "Last Movie You Watched" thread

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  • The "Last Movie You Watched" thread

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Me - Zatoichi. Great stuff - great action, great acting (especially from Kitano) and the music was excellent, particularly the bits with the field workers/house builders.

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    Drop Dead Fred on video with my missus and her little sister.
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      Talladega Nights. It was good.

      God I want Will Ferrell's love child
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        40 Year old virgin a half hour ago. Was quite good .


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          We chilled and watched Over the Top the other afternoon, for what must be the millionth time. Got choked up at the end, as usual, it's a feel-good for sure


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            Originally posted by Skive
            Drop Dead Fred on video with my missus and her little sister.
            Love that film!

            I watched Dirty Dancing this afternoon. It's been a while since I last watched it. Awww I love it!


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              Meet the Parents, just now on bbc1. Other than that it was Sliding Doors on Sky the other night.


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                Snakes On A Plane tonight at the cinema, and I was kinda jumping and then laughing throughout. *Bemused face*
                piss the taking is someone realise u point this at is it


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                    Originally posted by icey

                    Originally posted by briggi
                    Over the Top
                    PSN tag: bunglenut
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                      Originally posted by bunglenutter
                      Of course that one, is there another I don't know about!? I used to watch it every Sunday morning before church as a kid until the tape got fucked. Imagine (if you can) how chuffed I was to move in with my boyfriend and discover that he has not one, but two, copies of it on video.


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                        Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest.
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                          Originally posted by Indrid Cold
                          Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest.
                          Same here (at the cinema).

                          I have probably watched some other films on TV since then but none are very memorable.
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                            Kill Bill vol2


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                              The Exorcism of Emily Rose
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