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Jogging with a weighted backpack?

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  • Jogging with a weighted backpack?

    I really want to get my stamina up and I'd been thinking for good while that I'll buy 5kg of sand or something from Wickes and bung it in an old backpack.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experiance in this matter?

    I'm guessing that its probably quite safe to do this, because its only 5kg and couldn't be too different from just being 5kg heavier naturally.

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    Ive had a dancer i know offer me the use of leg weights, to train with, and ive used them once before just for a laugh, and your legs feel really really light when you take them off.


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      Thats kinda like when I dont put weights on my chest for crunches. I can get my shoulders really high.


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        Leg weights are the way to go Or if your going for a brisk walk, walk with dumbells in your hands. My main concern with a bag of sand in your bag is that running around with a back pack alone, sand or not couldn't be the most comfortable thing, and annoying. All bouncing around and stuff. *shudders*
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          Some people use weights when running. TBH if you want to stay fit & have endurance I dont think you need it,
          Drop me a pm.

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            insted of sand use something usefull like water least you can drink it during the exercise on the way back...

            btw 1 litre = 1kg


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              sand's a sensible idea. make sure the pack doesn't slip around whilst running with it on your back and don't put anything with corners in the back pack like bricks or anything ~ you'll know why if you try it.
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