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deodorants in main luggage

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  • deodorants in main luggage

    My dear gf is currently worrying about carryin a deodorant can in the main luggage due to fears of pressurisation. I have looked round on the net and most people have said there is nothing to worry about. The airlines don't seem to have banned deodorants in main luggage either - is this a urban myth or something
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    There is some kind of law about taking them on planes - no idea what it is though. ive taken aerosols onboard before in my hand luggage and my check in luggage. i just wrap it in a towel in my suitcase, then if it does explode its only gone on the towel and not wrecked all my stuff...


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      They're fine in main luggage as far as I'm aware, at least none of my aerosols have ever exploded and I always have them in my suitcase (though icey's tip about towels is good - for bottles of shampoo etc, too, to be safe rather than have manky clothes).

      I'm not sure if they're allowed in hand luggage as they could be (at a stretch) a security risk... spraying someone in the face with your Impulse etc


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        a) take a roll-on
        b) buy one when you arrive
        c) put it inside a plastic bag


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          I thought they were fine in main luggage. I don't use aerosols, anyway.

          But I always put toiletries inside a plastic bag or toiletries bag in case they leak...?
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            when i went on a aplane for first time earlier in summer in check in queue my mate sed it might explode! and i was gna move it into hand luggage but forgot - and it was fine, but yeah mayb best to put it in a plastic bag in case
            Dont know what to say


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              I've never had a problem with deordant. They let it go thru my carryon (went flying just friday) I don't check bags if I don't have to, they'll only break or lose it

              Its never been confinsated nor has had any problems with the altitude or anything. I'm pretty sure pressurazation wouldn't effect it at all, unless you have some type of weird odd containers for your deordant
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