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Polish Films with english subs or English w/Polish subs?

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  • Polish Films with english subs or English w/Polish subs?

    Hi, does antone know a good place or website where i can buy

    (a) english speaking films with polish subs or Polish voiceover dubbing or
    (b) Polish speaking films with english subs?
    (c) Polish dubbed films that have no English but are current films

    I know there are one or two films in HMW but I wondered if there is a Polish Equivilent of HMV or something?


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    Amazon? Saturn maybe? Media markt maybe? Don't actually know if either of the latter are in Poland but I know they are in some other eastern European states. Have you googled? I'm assuming you're in the UK but I'd try ordering online and getting them sent to you, not sure you'd find anything in mainstream shops here, unless you have a polish shop near you?
    I am Kate in chat


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