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Most violent music video you've ever seen?

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  • Most violent music video you've ever seen?

    What is the most violent music video you've ever seen broadcast, either on TV or via the internet?

  • #2
    The cheeky girls video made me want to do violent things to the universe.


    • #3
      Probably the most shocking I can remember seeing is Rabbit in your headlights by UNKLE: This


      • #4
        The Prodge's Smack My Byatch Up.


        • #5
          I dunno if you could call it violent but Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden creeps me out.


          • #6
            This -
            Wyetry is technically my sister.

            "I shall be telling this with a sigh
            Somewhere ages and ages hence:
            Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
            I took the one less travelled by,
            And that has made all the difference."

            Rest in peace Jake, doing the agadoo in a better place.

            "Save my soul and shit on my face." - RubberSkin.



            • #7
              Not sure about voilent, but Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy remains the scariest I've ever seen.

              For disturbing ones, the whole Tool videography is a good place to start.


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