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Does wolf whistling and shouting from cars anoy you?

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  • Does wolf whistling and shouting from cars anoy you?

    Hi guys here's another randomish thred
    Does wolf whistling and/or people shouting from cars annoy you?

    I was walking to work the other day when someone in a car beeped and shouted something through the window of his car. Which made me just as I didn't expect it. I recognise him from him doing this to me before quite a few times. I can never catch what he is saying but it's definitely not something nice.

    I wouldn't consider myself a grate looking person but the amount of times people have wolf whistled me when I'm going to meet someone or on occasion just walking home after seeing a friend or going work lol. This happened the other week I was actually heading out for a first date when an older man wolf whistled at me as I walked past. To be honest I did have a bit of a laugh when I told my date and he said "don't worry I'll never do that...... I can't wolf whistle." This lightened my mood again lol

    Prehaps it's just me but it really annoys me, I don't find it funny or complementary it's just annoying!! and sometimes if it's late on or it's quiet around it can feel quite intimidating (particularly shouting from the car.) it's not so bad now but used to make me feel really anxious when I was younger (around 16) Where it mostly just annoys me now lol.

    Like I say that my opinion what do you guys think?


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    My street is very isolated, cars barely drive past and if so, they won't usually do anything. We barely interact with each other.


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      So you live in a quiet area. To be fair sometimes I wish I did ha ha ha xx


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        Originally posted by One-in-a-million View Post
        So you live in a quiet area. To be fair sometimes I wish I did ha ha ha xx

        Yep, i live in a pretty quiet area, apart from the fact that about 8-10 classmates were making noise a couple of nights ago because they were all hanging out two houses away from me. Couldn't hear it whilst in my room though thankfully. These are isolated incidences though.

        Quiet areas are good areas because no one bothers you although no one's there to brighten up your evening walk to home by doing/saying something funny/ridiculous. Although then it would be a lot more like America.


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          I used to get this quite often and in remote areas it can scare me a little at the best of times, I don't get it much anymore since I cut my hair. instead now I get people laughing at me but its a little less scary. people need to start realizing that wolf whistling isn't a compliment it invalidates people and makes them uncomfortable x
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