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Abortion .. Pro life or Pro choice?

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  • Abortion .. Pro life or Pro choice?

    we were having a disscussion in ethics class about abortion and wheter it should be legalised and i would love to know some of your thoughts??

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    Legalised? Abortion is already legal? however I am and always will be pro-choice.
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      I don't know what i would do if i ever got pregnant- i would 90% probably get an abortion if i'm honest BUT i believe it is down to each individuals choice and no one should be pressured to do something they are not happy with.
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        Originally posted by ShatteredSecrets View Post
        Legalised? Abortion is already legal? however I am and always will be pro-choice.

        They might not be from England, there are so many places where abortion is illegal, or in the process of being made illegal
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          Choice. I don't believe it should be used as an alternative to contraception though.

          Unfortuantely, I do risk passing on some pretty shitty health problems; so would have no choice but to abort if I did become pregnant.


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            Definitely pro-choice.

            I have no idea what I would personally do in that situation but I believe everyone has the right to choose what they do with their lives.
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              yes i agree, i am also pro choice ..... and shattered secrets, i live in ireland and it is not legal here but personally i think it should be


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                I know personally I am pro-life but it is always the person's decision and I'm not one to judge that


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                  I'm pro-choice as far as laws go, since research/statistics etc. show that making it illegal only causes more lives to be lost or damaged.



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                    I am pro-choice, often allowing an abortion to happen is the most loving thing to do for the woman-and often the fetus.


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                      This would have crossed my mind if I fell pregnant from the rape.
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                        pro choice.

                        a woman has the rights to her body & as does anyone, for example a person has the right to donate an organ or not even if it means saving the life of another, a woman has the right to whether or not she grows another human in her stomach.
                        pregnancy should never be seen as a punishment for sex, if you have sex you can take all the necessary precautions & still become pregnant & forcing a woman to continue her pregnancy would essentially be punishing her for something that shouldn't even be considered punishable (apart from non consensual sex obviously.)
                        people often argue that adoption is an option however in the United States it can cost thousands simply to have a baby in hospital which is not feasible for many people, the option for adoption is also not entirely possible which is why there are so many children stuck in orphanages.

                        love, me


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