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UPDATE: As far as we can tell, all posts made by The Mix account in the last 12 months (roughly) have been lost. We're working to retrieve them, but for now you might see some gaps or seemingly unanswered questions lying around the forums. It also means the Live Chat Announcements and We Need You sub-forums are looking pretty bare. Bear with us, we're working on it.
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Horsemad is our Post of The Month winner voted by the community:

"Hey lost sense,
I've had several MRI scan on my head and back i look at it as a huge ring doungnut that your going through the middle. You will has a thing over your head and will have earphones on they will speak to you through them a erasure you, I gave them my phone so they could play my playlist I was given a panic button so if I felt panicky I could press it and they would stop and get me out xx.."
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Hey Friday!!

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  • Hey Friday!!

    Hey you lovely people,

    So I used to do a thread every Friday for people to share their weekend plans, however I havent posted one in a while so Ive been thinking and was gonna start doing the Friday thread every Friday again, starting today.

    So.... this weekend I dont have any plans however I want to go to the gym tomorrow and Sunday and maybe do some of my scrapbook.

    What you lovely lot up too?

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    Hey Friday too

    I'm going to my mums tomorrow catching train there and she's bringing me back Sunday. And in that space I'm having my hair cut, I want to go and watch split with my mum and my mum has 10 discount for pizza Hut also go and see my granie and aunty. All that in the space of one night/one day.
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      So good to see this up again.

      I'm going to be catching up on sleep and probably get a few new things for my room at home. Going to try and get out to a cinema provided the tube strikes don't get in the way too. That said, the only thing good on at the moment seems to be La La Land and I'm really not feeling it.
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        This weekend i am not up to much. I will be going out for a meal with family as its my nan's birthday and i will be going grocery shopping with my mum. Fun fun fun....


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