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Whats the average price of drinks?

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  • Whats the average price of drinks?

    Can you tell me how much you pay for drinks in your local pubs or nightclubs please. Im very curious at how much drinks are elsewhere.

    My drink is Vodka and Coke and I can get it for £1.10 for a double in the clubs where I drink. Smirnoff Ice is £1.40.

    When I was recently at Blackpool it cost me £3.20 for a smirnoff ice Now is that expensive to you lot ? I nearly fell on the floor when I was charged that much.

    By the way im from Durham area :D
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    Thursday nights are a pound a drink in the club I go to, Friday and saturday nights its £12 all inclusive, thats getting in, cloak room and all your drinks. In the pub i got to its £1.30 for a bottle of smirnoff ice/reef, but most places are £2.50.

    Oh, in plymouth btw.


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      i pay 2.30 for an archers aqua its a bloody rip off
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        In my local pub, Smirnoff Ice's are £2.50. Archers and lemonade is £3.20. I wish I could pay £1.40!

        Where did you pay £3.20 in Blackpool? In a club?
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          Originally posted by FireyFirenze

          Where did you pay £3.20 in Blackpool? In a club?
          Beleive it or not, The Pier Bar. The one just up from the tower.
          I had to drink there because thats the only place I could find where kids could go, and they had an entertainer on for them.
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            Dont come to Glasgow if ur wanting a drink! The clubs here charge a fortune for a drink, £3.80 for a Smirnoff Ice and £2.50 for Aftershocks or Sambuca. Im going to a wedding in a posh hotel 2moro nite so I'll let you's know what the prices there were like, they'll probably be ridiculously funny :D


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              I dont know whether Whowhere will agree but the drinks in Lanzarote are really cheep and you get spaklers in them all :D although he amost fainted when he spent a fiver on Caffreys in linekars bar!

              Next Friday me and my Boyfriend are going out into Plymouth with some mates so thats should be cool we are going all inclusive so to say (sounds like a package holiday :D ) think its £10 on the friday. We went out breifly tonight and my drinks were £1.80 for reefs and his i dont know he had a pint.

              I have noticed how it varie from place to place there are about 7 pubs in Torpopint where i live and one pub can be as much a £2 cheeper than another.

              But like *Groovaybaby* said is realistic.


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                Originally posted by glittery_vodka
                Im going to a wedding in a posh hotel 2moro nite so I'll let you's know what the prices there were like, they'll probably be ridiculously funny :D
                By the sounds of them prices id be taking an extra large bag and have my supply of vodka in there :D
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                  cannabis is a whole lot safer....much more fun.....and a hell of a lot cheeper.


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                    Drinks here are expensive:

                    Beer: 3-5 pounds per, same for Smirnoff and the like
                    Mixed drink: 4-7 pounds average


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                      Re: Whats the average price of drinks?

                      Originally posted by BeckyBoo

                      My drink is Vodka and Coke and I can get it for £1.10 for a double in the clubs where I drink. Smirnoff Ice is £1.40.
                      Fucking hell! Living in london sure costs a shit load! I'd be lucky to get a double for less than £3. A vodka and redbull in a club... less than £5 is unheard of, £8 is more like it. Smirnoff ice probably about £3
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                        It depends on where you're going here
                        At my fav. Pub Smirnoff Ice is about £ 2,50, a Bacardi Breezer there costs about £ 3,40 so I decided to drink that just at home because it's about £ 1,10 at a shop. At the Pub I just drink beer £ 2 - 2,5.
                        A few days ago someone told me about a club where you even pay for a small glass of cola £ 3,20
                        No thank you - I prefer my Pub
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                          all i know is beer is over three times the price of petrol.
                          now that can't be right can it?


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                            Pint - Sfr8 = £3.50
                            Bottle - Sfr6/7 = £3.-
                            Alcopop - £3/4

                            Cheapest way is to find a bar outside of Zurich.
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                              £1.50-£2.50 a pint
                              £2-£4 for a bottle
                              £1.6 for a shot for a drink, e.g. vodka, whiskey e.t.c
                              £0.2-£0.8 for the coke that goes with it

                              Devil, Lanzarote wasn't as cheap as I hoped it would be. I was usually paying 2.50-3.50 Euros for a bottle of Strongbow, very few places did pints.
                              On the bar crawl one place had the nerve to charge 5 euros a bottle.
                              Whowhere, neither here nor there.


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