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Cheapest fags you can buy in the UK?

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  • Cheapest fags you can buy in the UK?

    Of course, prices varies a bit between different shops and supermarkets, but in general, what is the cheapest brand currently available for a pack of 20, regardless of how shocking it is or otherwise. I generally buy Marlboro Reds and have got into a habit of buying them, so I haven't done any more research on cheaper cigarettes and now I'm not sure if I can sustain buying Marlboros much longer. On a quick scan of the shelf at a local newsagents I saw you could 20 Pall Mall for about 4.40, is that about the lowest you'll find in the UK or are there some cheaper than that?


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    probably sterling, which are about 4.00 just over, you wont get any from under 4.00 either, and sterling are real lungbusters
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      Royals are quite cheap and come in packs of 24 still i think.


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        I was in Spain recently and a pouch that costs me twelve quid here under three quid there
        And is imported from Nottingham.


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          Buy packs of 14 too.
          2/3 of a pint
          english owned corner shops

          wtf is happening to this country?!?
          Oh will you stop.. wibbeling on.. like some kind of girl who's trying to have a period!


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            Cheapest fag ? Me for 50p
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