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why are people like Skive trying to "bully" me?

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  • why are people like Skive trying to "bully" me?

    sorry, but nothing I've said is any different really from others. Yet as a supposed mental professional, why is he trying to "bully" me by saying what I can post? does my presence here offend him? should I care? will he shoot me, or expect me to accept him?

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    Hey ablemajor,

    Thanks for posting about this
    From what you've said, we're not quite sure what you're referring to. Could you send us a private message and we can chat about it in more detail there

    Speak soon,
    We're James, Aife & Mike: the staff team here at The Mix.
    If you have any questions about this place, feel free to
    ask over in the
    Help Desk or send us a private message.


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      Just seen this and I honestly have no idea what this was about. Ablemajor have you got me confused with another poster?
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