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Possible LGBT forum?

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  • Possible LGBT forum?

    Hello, i was wondering if we could possibly see an LGBT forum in the future? Especially the trans section, as it would enable users to share their experiences and also the surgical procedure and hormone replacement stages. Things like that for the community??

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    I think this is a really good idea, as part of the LGBT community, it's very rare to find any forums for us and it'd be great to share experiences or help others who are struggling with coming out etc
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      Yes that's exactly why we need it! Its a big part in someones mental health aswell if they are being bullied etc.. as im a member of the lgbt community this is something i would love to see.


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        This is a really interesting idea, and if there's a real calling for this kind of space on The Mix then we'll look into it for sure. A change like this wouldn't happen very quickly, but this is definitely something we can discuss as a team. Watch this space...

        Really appreciate the suggestion!

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          I really like this idea too


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            Mah idea is awesome mates. I'll mod the forum


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              A lot of you probably won't know but I am bisexual myself, so I love this idea. This is a big part of a person's mental health so I think it would benefit a lot of people.
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                No-body on here knows too I' haven't mentioned it since I joined that I too am bi-sexual
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                  Im bisexual myself too, used to be FtM. Just credit me when you make the forum! Aha.. surprised there isn't one already!


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                    I'm surprised there isn't one too... I guess if we had a question we'd post it in Sex and Relationships?
                    Life's too short to keep the same username all the time! (14.04.17).


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