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10-11-2002, 01:35 PM
K... living in ireland makes it very difficult to get anything apart coke,speed,e's & hash. Its now officially impossible to get Special K and acid. So im not left with much as ive taken far too many e's (roughly 120 in 3 months) so its gotten to the stage where i physically get sick at the sight of one.. and well coke is just too fuckin expensive.

GBL is dirt cheap in the UK if you buy it from a chemical supply house and not from the people selling 'glue-b-gone' or whatever. -Bongbudda-

Ok.. now.. ive found a site that is selling the shit, but ive never seen or taken the shit b4.. so can some with experience give me the low down.. i've read all the things on it on this site but that doesnt actually tell u how u take..with what etc etc.. So how much do i take what is it best to mix with and whats the chance i'll end up killin myself? Is there anyways of gettin my hands on GHB instead of GBL? oh and bear in mind that me & the local drug squad arent exactly friends and they're waiting for me to make a slip up.. what are the reprocussions if i get caught with GBL say 500mls-1ltr of it? Bearing in mind that i'm only 17 and im defo not any kind of scientist. I know it says that its used for cleaning electronic componants and removing paints but will that actually fly with local authorities? Any input is appreciated

11-11-2002, 09:54 AM
Well first of all erowid.org has a good section on ghb, but their bit on GBL isnt great. Check that out.

Anyway, you have no need to worry about the police, GHB and GBL are both TOTALY LEGAL. However the making of GHB from GBL and sodium hydroxide is illegal, so if they find you with lots of both they might be able to do you for intent. They pobally wont bother though.

As for GHB, you will have some trouble finding it now adays, most sites that used to sell it are only selling to old customers if anyone.
GBL can be bought from a whole range of places though, if asked tell them you are using it for a cleaner or nail varnish remover.
GBL is VERY VERY dose sensative, so when you get it, start very small, maybe one or two drips. Then wait at least a couple of hours before doing anymore.
The dose I used to take was around 1ml, which you can mesure out using a baby suringe (sp) which you can get from any chemist. Mix it with some juice to hind the taste and just drink, it will taste, well its a nasty chemical, plastic taste.

GBL isnt an alternative to speed, pills or anything else really, to my mind it really isnt a great alternative to GHB. If your looking for something like that you will be dissapointed.
Its a sedative mainly, a bit like booze, but more of the GABA reaction that you get with valium but not so, knocked out.
If you've got any other questions just ask.

11-11-2002, 11:07 AM
It is really easy to overdose on this drug, and while legal to possess it is not legal manufacture or supply. We have a factsheet here (http://www.thesite.org/info/drugs/the_drugs/ghbgbh.html)


11-11-2002, 11:38 AM
If you are buying GBL from an on-line source, make sure that you confirm that it is greater than 99% pure, if you can get one thats greater than 99.9%.
It should come in a bottle, as GBL is a liquid at room temp, it will most probally have a harmfull sticker on the side, this is just to cover the company from being sued. As the docter that saw me in A&E confirmed GBL is not strictly toxic.
GHB should come, if you manage to find an on-line source, as a pure powder, this will actualy come with a strange label probally saying something like 1,4 asobuo salt, or something like that. This is just another name for it. You will also get a small spoon in the bag, this should be between 3/4 and 1g, you then spoon level spoons into some juice and drink it. It will be nasty and salty but quite different from GBL.

GHB will be active within about 10-15 mins, then peak at about 1-2 hrs then taper off at the 2+hr mark.
GBL will be active within about 15-30mins, then peak at about 1-3 or 4hrs then taper off at the 4 hr mark.

I would recomend either of these drugs as a 'club drug' mainly because it would be hard to get into a club and hard to dose properly, which you HAVE to do. Also they are a bit too sedative, I guess GBL might be a bit better, as an alternative to getting drunk.

When using either GHB or GBL or its relative 1,4diol, be careful not to mix it with really anyother drugs at all. GHB does go with mdma quite well but you have to be very careful about how much your using because your mixing a stimulant with a downer. Personaly I find that GBL goes quite well with speed, however this is quite dangerous, use TINY doses.

Never ever ever mix GHB/GBL with booze, K, Valium, etc. You will do yourself some serious harm, even if you dont manage to kill yourself, its really nasty on your kidneys/liver.

14-11-2002, 09:52 PM
thanks for the info... yeah i found a site that'll sell GBL which will have to do as GHB seems a total no hoper. Ok em.. they have it measured in ml so i presume its liquid.. and its 99.9% pure. Ok i am defo gonna order it this weekend. I suppose i'll get around a litre cos it should arrive in around 3 weeks so i'll have time to get a chance to c whats its like b4 i order loads for X-Mas ( theres always massive dry-ons cos the D.S. crack down big time around then). Ok so realisticly what kind of effect would i get off 1ml.. im just gonna b like some1 whos had 1 too many to drink or what? Me & 2 other friends came up with a mad idea of stocking up on E's and GBL and selling em together as kinda of a X-mas package.. i heard some1 say that GBL with pills is lethal.. u just get completely mashed like.. i'd really make a fortune like... 1000ml @ E150
sell 2ml for E5
= E2500 - E150 = E2350 profit.. thats a lota money. Only problem how would u sell that in liquid form? Would blotter papper or sugar lumps work? or would it evaporise.. i get the feelin that that stuff would evaporate like poppers

15-11-2002, 12:07 PM
I can see your point about the possible profit margins with GBL, it is high, however a liquid as you say is a bitch to sell.

If you were going to I would limit to bulk, maybe only sell 20ml+ at a time. Lots of little orders will be way too much hassle.
Also I'd advise any of your customers to be careful, you dont want to end up with someone dying.

You could put the GBL into seperate bottles, however there is a problem with this because GBL disolves some plastics over time.

As for you commenting that you want to sell both pills and GBL, might I remind you that pills are Class A, this is a public forum.
GBL doesnt have restrictions on it so thats not really of a concern.

You can mix pills with GBL, however it is quite dangerous because your mixing a downer with an upper, thus putting quite a big strain on your body. That and it would make it quite likely that your'll throw up, gbl isnt as nice to the stomach as GHB.

If you are going to mix pills with GBL, then make it near the end of the night, same as people take valium etc. If you take it too early in the night it will just take the edge off your high from the MDMA and wont really add anything.

GBL doesnt evaporate like poppers, well mine didnt, not so I noticed anyway, you should store it in the fidge though.

If I were to sell GBL, which since I nearly killed myself I wont be doing. I'd only sell in batches of 50ml+ and maybe water it down to 200ml. Then tell customers to take 4-5ml, that way with it watered down there is less of a margin of error in the measurement. I would then pour it into glass bottles put the cap back on and tell them to store it upright in their fridge.

17-11-2002, 10:46 AM
Yeah that sounds like a better idea. But i have a quetsion.. does GBL mix perfectly with water? it wont change how it works if i leave it in water for a couple of days.. would it still b as potent? I dont want to sell large quantities for the exact reason that you'll find some hero thinkin he can handle more than he can.. thats why i want ti limit it to a max. of 10ml and then water it down with 90ml. then tell them to not drink more than 20ml. Actually.. would that be too much.. 2ml of pure GBL? How much do you need to take to get passed the kind of drunken feeling? And i was readin that fact sheet on GHB.. says u shudnt touch if ur an asthmatic.. r they only saying that cos u shudnt touch drugs when u have asthma? I have it pretty bad but never had any problems with weed,alcohol,e,speed or coke.. even when i went on all nighters

17-11-2002, 01:00 PM
I have taken GHB twice.

The first was at a party in the company of good friends. We were all coming down off e and had a cap full each. It made us feel like we were rushin off a pill again. Wicked sensation!!!!

The next time, being ill informed of how strong the drug is and in not so good company i took 2 large swigs from the bottle. I was already pissed so it just made me feel more so.

The last thing i remenber is dancing round this room at 1.00 am - the next waking up in someones bed at 6.00am.

Apparently my friend had found me passed out in the toliet.

Luckily i had a friend there who stayed with me and i was ok but i can now see why it is dubbed ' date rape'

Personally i think the buzz off pills is better - needless to say i havnt touched it since.

17-11-2002, 01:17 PM
Originally posted by Divadiva

but i can now see why it is dubbed ' date rape'

Rophynol is the 'date rape' drug, although GHB is used sometimes.

As for swigging the bottle, if I'm right off it, then I usually get it confused with the water, and have 'capped out' in style a few times. (my sig is from my favorite story).

I think it's the best drug, but you really have to be carefull with it, and also who's company you are in. It can be really scary sometimes.

17-11-2002, 07:31 PM
Originally posted by Ants

As for swigging the bottle, if I'm right off it, then I usually get it confused with the water, and have 'capped out' in style a few times. (my sig is from my favorite story).

I was in a club once a and THREE people had to be carried out cause they had drunk GHB instead of water. Easy mistake to make when your fucked though.

Would like to hear more about the sig story?!

18-11-2002, 01:38 AM
If your buying GBL online at 99.9% pure you need to water it down... the stuff you buy from dealers (well over here anyway) is known as 'rinse' and is basically GBL watered down... NEVER drink it in its concentrated state...

GBL transfers into GHB in the blood, I take GBL and/or GHB regulary, usually buying about 50-100mls a weekend, I sometimes take it with Ecstasy usually to prolong the effect and keep you rushing...

The best bit of GBL/GHB information I know online is this report: http://www.ndp.govt.nz/drugs/eacdrep.pdf

18-11-2002, 01:48 AM
Does GBL mix perfectly with water?

No, GBL has a harsh chemical taste which can burn, drinking GBL straight can cause you to vomit, mixing with Fanta or mango fruit juice to discuise the taste is far better.

it wont change how it works if i leave it in water for a couple of days.. would it still b as potent?

It will still be potent, however if its left alone in something like water it will sink to the bottom as its mass weighs more, this is where friends mixing 6mls of G in a bottle and all swigging from it fail, cause the first few mates don't get much and the person to finish the bottle gets the majority and G's out!

Then tell them to not drink more than 20ml.

Well I've been through 100mls in a weekend of GBL, however this has been cut down to say about 2mls or so every 1-2hrs, never more than 2.5mls of GBL at once, its very dangerous.

2ml of pure GBL?

No, your mixing up GBL and GHB, street GBL is watered down to form what is called 'rinse' thats what people take 2mls of, not pure GBL... thats just stupid...

How much do you need to take to get passed the kind of drunken feeling?

Don't take more than 2mls, otherwise you'll G out, GBL has a slightly harsher feeling on the head, you feel slightly dizzy and stuff... but some people like that...

And i was readin that fact sheet on GHB.. says u shudnt touch if ur an asthmatic..

Because it depresses the lungs, you breath less... if you have an asthma attack your lungs won't get the air and hense is dangerous.

18-11-2002, 09:37 AM
Yeah, I was basing my advise on the view that what she was buying was pure and from a chem supply house, therefore it would be best to water it down.
I didnt and I ended up in hospital.

I really really wont recomend anyone ever just swigging from a bottle of 'g', whether you've done it before or not, that is wildly inacurate and your bound to fuck your self up. You have to remember GHB and GBL are nice drugs but they have a dosage curve steeper than anything else you've probally ever done.